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Salt Water Lure - (Terion - VIB 80)

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  • With the latest sonar, the vibration and the impact are the same as the actually bait-fish.
  • Glass Rattles are used to deliver the sound wave further underwater.
  • Through front-balanced design, the balance is stable during the drop of free falling and the distance is enhanced during casting.
  • German holograms are applied to maximize the light reflection so it can lure "target fish" even during low-light situations.
  • Three dimensional applied 3D_EYE is used to deal with the specific characteristics of carnivorous "target fish".
  • Sharp "treble hook" is used; its durability and performance is well verified through numerous tests.


  • Length : 80mm (3-1/8")
  • Weight : 24g, 28g (7/8oz, 1oz)
  • Type : Sinking
  • Depth : Free Fall