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Fresh Water Lure (ZACO - Sp 60L)

Product Detail Information


  • The tail part is designed slim (compared to the other 60mm product) so it reaches its maximum water level much faster.
  • Its range can be stretched over great distance due to the products fine weight balance.
  • It lures fish easily with just the right amount of wiggling and wobbling actions.
  • The suspending time is lengthy. (when proper lines are used)
  • HOOK-Treble Hook
  • Self-developed popular Korean colors were used.
  • German holograms used.


  • Length : 60mm (2-1/3")
  • Weight : 6.2g (1/4oz)
  • Type : Suspend 10°C (50°F)
  • Depth : 3m (9.84ft)