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Salt Water Lure - (Terion - MINNOW F140)

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  • One of the most important things in sea bass fishing are the preciseness of stable retrieve during high tides and the angle of straightness throught wind. Considering these facts, we developed a product that can withstand any alterations in the surroundings. The design is intended to lure "target fish" regardless of the circumstances.
  • We designed the front and the back part of the stomach with Zig_Dig, thus the resistance is minimized during reeling while the most spectacular excitement is offered.
  • German holograms are applied to maximize the light refection so it can lure "target fish" even during low-light situations.
  • Sharp "treble hook" is used; its durability and performance is well verified through numerous tests.


  • Length : 140mm (5-1/2")
  • Weight : 20.8g (3/4oz)
  • Type : Floating
  • Depth : 300mm (0.98ft)