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Salt Water Lure - (Terion - MINNOW SP130)

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  • It was developed to demonstrate most lure like movements in pause while being underwater.
  • It was developed taking consider of the sensitivity of sea bass, which reacts to even the slightest movements.
  • It was designed based on the national average water temperature of 16 Degrees Celsius and the average salinity of 34%.
    Also, most promising efforts were put to prolong the suspend holding time.
  • Three dimensional applied 3D_EYE is used to deal with the specific characteristics of carnivorous "target fish".
  • Sharp "treble hook" is used; its durability and performance is well verified through numerous tests.


  • Length : 130mm (5-1/8")
  • Weight : 20g (3/4oz)
  • Type : Suspend 16°C (60.8°F)
  • Depth : 700mm (2.29ft)